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FreeBSD LiveCD
ISO Image and Generation Tool Set

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Project Info

   The FreeBSD LiveCD Tool Set has a main goal, wich is to allow one to generate their own custom FreeBSD Live CDs. FreeBSD LiveCD was born as a Brazilian FreeBSD User Group ( internal project and technical need. The main subject was to create a tool that would allow us a safe diagnostic method, under emergency enviroments and specially as a rescue disk where FreeBSD partitions could only be accessed (mounted) externally.

Despiste The FreeBSD Project officially distribute a "Live" disk, under most circunstances we needed some more functional tool, that could be run directly from an optic drive (CD) without any other intermediate resource. With this goal in mind, the LiveCD Project was started.

Its begin was in the October 5th of 2001, at the time where FUGSPBR (FreeBSD User Group, SP, Brazil) distributed an ISO image with a fully functional FreeBSD 4.4-STABLE LiveCD, that would allow one to access a number of partition types (since FreeBSD native to Linux and even DOS partitions), build a fully operant Firewall, allow networking flow via NAT, working as router and a number of other issues. We experienced a lot of feedback from some users that were trying this pretty first version, and soon many of those users were asking for custom versions of the LiveCD, with mail clients, some extra kernel support (like Bridging and Bandwidth control) and stuff. We had even made a LiveCD ISO that could run as a Desktop Enviroment ( - with lots of graphical applications. This version was a first one that could even be used as a FreeBSD Demonstration Disk. It had great adoption on our community, but the desire for even more custom versions was far from the end.

At this point, under those scenario, we decided to publically distribute the set of scripts that we were using to create the LiveCD, allowing anyone to create their own custom distribution. Thats when the FreeBSD LiveCD Tool Set was born. Since it's release, in January 2002 we are working hard to improve its functionality, we have set a lot of goals and are getting to everyone quickly. LiveCD Tool Set 1.2 ( is the latest version.

Since it was just an idea, and after the first CD, FreeBSD LiveCD has been used under many situations, where the most usual are Rescue Disk, Desktop, FreeBSD System demonstration at some computing specific shows, Firewalls, Wireless Bridges, Wired Gateways and, the main issue is that, as you can make a fully custom version, you can use a LiveCD under any enviroment you wish.

            Not a few people use to ask us, exactly that is and how the LiveCD works. Its such a simple answer, its nothing but a set of Patches that are applied on the FreeBSD Initialization files, that allow the system to run from a cd-rom, setting the best way to mount under Memory File System (MFS) or Virtual Nodes (vnodes) the slices filesystems that need Write and Read access, while the Slices that just need Read access are still running on the CD. With a recent issue on version 1.2, it can now be used as a Instalation Disk, that allow you to install the system on your Hard Disk without any other Disk. It now supports batch-mode install, that allows one to easily automate any custom install process.

When booting a PC with FreeBSD LiveCD, you will be facing a true UNIX Operating System, full and completly functional, where you can run any application you need. If the CD Space are not anought to run your many programs, LiveCD allows you to use your FAT or EXT2 Disk Slices to install other programs - and even to save your permanent configuration - and if its your choice enviroment, you will be able to use it as instalation media.

The Documentation Process is running in both Portuguese and English languages, up to the time they will be released, if you have any question, doubt, feedback, wish or stuff, please subscribe to our mailing list. We will be pleasured to help you }:-)

Brought to you by the Brazilian FreeBSD User Group.
This project is hosted by Sourceforge.
A FreeBSD Brasil apoia este projeto.

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