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Contact the Team!
You can contact the people related.

Project Introduction and Gerneral Information can be found at the Project Home.

Contact Us.

There are several ways you can contact the LiveCD responsible people. The most usual one is via e-mail and mailing-list. Our mailing list is not a heavy traffic one, joining it won't mean your inbox will overload :-). Usualy, user questions and feedbacks are treated at the list, the same way that new improvements and requeirements are also discussed there. You can join the mailing list at

However, you can always contact the related people if you consider your subject fits it better than the mailing list. But if you get invited to join the list, believe, its because what you have to say is something that everyone should hear ;-)

You may contact people by their functions in the project:

   Edson Brandi - Project Manager, Main Developer, Headman, Child's Father.

   Patrick Tracanelli - Developer, Eng. Language Maintainer, Website Maintainer, Doc Writer and Translator.
   Carlos A. Capriotti - Documentation Translator.
   Douglas Santos - Documentation Writer.
   Jean M. Duarte - Website Maintainer.
   Odemur Cezar Marangoni - Website Maintainer.
   Marcelo Eyng - Official Tester.
   Djony Weverton Tambosi - Developer.

IRC Channews and Networks.

Not rarely, some of this people can be reached at IRC Networks. The most usual one is the Brazilian IRC Network (/server at the #FreeBSD channel. There, you may find Edson Brandi (aka ebrandi), Patrick Tracanelli (aka eksffa) and Douglas Santos (aka ioctl).

Frequently, you may find Patrick Tracanelli (eksffa) at Open Projects ( on #FreeBSD and #NetBSD; at EFNet on #FreeBSD or #BSDCode. If you are familiar to services, just drop him a memoserv at openprojects or brasnet.

Brought to you by the Brazilian FreeBSD User Group.
This project is hosted by Sourceforge.
A FreeBSD Brasil apoia este projeto.

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